Today, cured-in-place technology is being increasingly used in sewer pipes to reduce and solve I/I issues, eliminate H2S gas and rehabilitate failing infrastructures. Typically, most of the lining project expense goes into the lateral pipes without a second thought as to the manholes.
 In the November 2014 issue of Trenchless Technology, engineers wrote an article discussing the benefits of lining not only lateral pipes, but the manholes as well. In fact, a study from several municipalities proved that only lining the sewer lines does not reduce an adequate amount of infiltration issues. The article states that if a pipe with active leaks is rehabilitated with a cured in place pipe liner (CIPP), infiltration will find a way to migrate into the service laterals and manholes themselves. According to a Trenchless Technology’s study, “I/I reductions of only 10-30% are achieved when lining pipes only.” Continuing, they say “A comprehensive rehabilitation approach must target the mainline, laterals and manholes if higher I/I reductions are desired.”
Logically, one must ask, “Why not use the same structural cured-in-place lining system in your manholes that you use to rehabilitate your wastewater lines?”
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